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  • What if I've never worked with clay before?
    That's great! The majority of our students are beginners - we're excited to introduce you to a new creative outlet!
  • Do I need to bring anything with me?
    We will supply all of the clay, tools, and glazes you need to complete your work. All you need to bring is yourself!
  • Where do I park?
    There is a parking lot in front of the building. If it is full, there is plenty of street parking on Navajo.
  • Will clay stain my clothes?
    Clay likely will not stain your clothes, but glazing might. Either way, we recommend wearing clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. If you have something fancy planned for after your class or clay date, we suggest bringing something to wear over your nice clothes.
  • What if I just got my nails done?
    We recommend trimming your nails before you come into the studio. It is easier to work with clay without long nails.
  • What about kids?
    Unfortunately we are not offering classes to students younger than 18 years old at this point. Please stay tuned - when we can, we will.
  • Can I bring my own clay into the studio?
    Short answer: no. We have a process designed for the functioning of our studio, and introducing other clay bodies and glazes may adversely affect other students' works, as well as the timeliness of the firing of your work.
  • Will you fire pots for me if I make them at home?
    Due to the sheer volume of pots being fired in the studio from active students, independent artists and instructors, we are not firing work from outside the studio at this point. When we can, we will. Stay tuned.
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